Zhejiang Winsun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a business entity which results from reforming equity of Winsun Imp.& Exp.Group Co.,Ltd. All members of the Board are the promoter shareholders and the founders of Winsun Imp.& Exp.Group Co.,Ltd. The company established on November 25, 2009 which the registered capital is RMB 80 million.

     President Jiang Jiawei joined the Communist Party of China in 1985. Now he is the six session of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the seven session of CPPCC, and the vice chairman of the CPPCC Committee of Jiaxing. He won the title of senior economist in December 2005. Moreover, he has got the Doctor degree of Business Administration. He engaged in international trade management related work for 25 years. Over the years, he serves as vice chairman and general manager of Zhejiang Winsun Imp.&Exp.Group Co. , Ltd. These yeas, he has accumulated rich experience of international trade and management.

     Zhejiang Winsun Industrial Co., Ltd. is an Industrial enterprise which engaged in industrial investment, assets management, computer software development and technology import and export of goods and services. It’s also known as an export-oriented enterprise which integrating product design, development, manufacturing, sales.

     Zhejiang Winsun Industrial Co., Ltd. owns three holding companies:

     Jiaxing Xinda Guarantee Co., LTD. regestered capital of 50,000,000 yuan , carries out cooperation between banks and Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) financing guarantee business .

     Shanghai Winsun Imp.&Exp. Co.,Ltd. was engaged in asset management and operating import and export business.

     Jiaxing Winsun Apparel International Trading Co., Ltd. was engaged in the high-end brand apparel product development ,design , manufacturing and sales .

     With the further development of the Internet, enterprise use the e-commerce platform ( develop trade market. It makes the trade channel get more all-round development. Nowdays , the company has good relations of cooperation with Alibaba , Global resource network , Made-in-China network and other famous websites .

     In July, 1988, branch of China National Metals & Minerals Import and Export Corporation in Jiaxing and branch of China Chemicals Import and Export Corporation in Jiaxing merged as a state-owned foreign trade company called Zhejiang Jiaxing Machines & Chemicals Import and Export Corporation which is specialized in import and export goods trading.

     ?In?June, 1995, the company conducted the first equity reform. After restructuring the equity, the registered capital at that time was RMB 2.765million, accounting for 80% of state-owned shares. Therefore, the company name was changed to Jiaxing Machines & Chemicals foreign trade limited liability Company.

     A second share reform conducted in?April, 2001. The proportion of state-owned shares reduced from 80 percent to 26 percent. Meanwhile, the staff?joint-stock?board was established who held 25 % of the share holds. They remaining 49 % of the shares held by public. The company’s name changed again to Zhejiang Winsun Import and Export Co., Ltd., while the registered capital increased to RMB 12.8 million.

     Winsun experienced the third time equity reform in October, 2002. This time, all the state-owned shares exited from the company. The property rights got further improvement. As a result, Winsun became a private foreign trade enterprise which had modern enterprise system.

     In?June, 2003, Zhejiang Winsun Import and Export Co., Ltd. changed to Zhejiang Winsun Import & Export Ltd. The company operated a capital increase, the registered capital became RMB 32.88 million .After 5 years , the registered capital rose to RMB 62 million.( March, 2008)

     In November, 2009, approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, Zhejiang Winsun Industrial Co., Ltd. was established. Its registered capital was RMB 80 million which included RMB 62 million equity from Zhejiang Winsun Import and Export Co., Ltd., RMB 15 million from corporate enterprises and RMB 3 million from personal investment.

     In December, 2012, Zhejiang Winsun Import and Export Co., Ltd. and were discrete from equity, property relations. It was the fourth equity reform of Winsun .from then on, Zhejiang Winsun Industrial Co., Ltd. became an independent, self-financing corporate business entity by Law.

     Company Address: No.2 Building, 966 Xiuyuan Road, Xiuzhou District ,Jiaxing.



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